Image: Hissy Fit,  Episode , Day For Night 2014 Photo: Lucy Parakhina

Image: Hissy Fit, Episode, Day For Night 2014
Photo: Lucy Parakhina

I Might Blow Up Someday by Hissy Fit

Live performance, Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art presented by Performance Space, Sydney, 22-25 October 2015

Production Credits

Hissy Fit – Jade Muratore, Emily O’Connor & Nat Randall

Sound Artist – Nina Buchanan

Lighting Design – Toby Knyvett

Choreographer – Lizzie Thompson

Dramaturgs – Emma Price and Chris Ryan

Make-up Artist – Anastasia Zaravinos

Hair Stylist – Sophie Roberts

Camera Operators – Angela Downing and Ella Prince


A collaborative sound work by Frances Barrett and Nina Buchanan for Tiny Stadiums, 2014.

A Manual for Time Travel is a performance of transmission: a performance without site, without bodies, without a programmed beginning or a finite end. In this work, performance is realised as a time machine, both a formless and wireless entity that shifts through bodies and through time linking the artist (of the past) to the audience (of the future).

A Manual for Time Travel assists audiences to travel in and out of time and space in the form of a streamed sound piece for audiences to listen to whilst walking around Erskineville and travelling between the various Tiny Stadiums art sites. Included is a set of sonic instructions detailing how one can become a time traveller moving between the past, present and future. The work is set to a composition by Sydney-based composer, Nina Buchanan.